Auto Service and Repair for Prescott Arizona

Standard Maintenance Services

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Tune Ups
  • Filter Replacements
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Fluid Services
  • Trip Inspections
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • All fluids checked and topped off as needed
  • All Belts, hoses and filters

Oil Changes

We at Frank’s Automotive strongly feel this is the most important preventive maintenance program for our customers. Only Premium Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic oil and oil filters are used in our facility.

We understand that when your vehicle is not performing properly it is an inconvenience to you. Once you are on regular program with us you will be advised of any upcoming repairs or any scheduled factory maintenance that is needed along with pricing for any repairs needed.

Frank's Auto Repair, Prescott, Az

Along with your oil change you will receive a complete vehicle inspection which includes:

  • Tire wear and inflation
  • Battery Test/Cables
  • Brakes and Brake Fluid
  • All light bulbs tested
  • Wiper blades
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Inspect for any leaks

Some brake repair symptoms include:

  • Noise when braking
  • Grinding
  • Squealing
  • Rotational noise
  • Soft pedal
  • Vehicle shakes when braking
  • ABS light on

Brake Repair –¬†Prescott¬†Az

We at Frank’s Automotive are committed to complete safety for you, your family and friends. We have state of the art equipment for any brake problem. We perform work from standard brake services to ABS problems (Anti-Lock Brake System).

We use only premium brake pads or shoes and hardware. We machine brake rotors on the vehicle, resurface brake drums, service calipers and replace brake fluid if necessary. With our scheduled maintenance program, we can help to avoid all above concerns by checking your brake system regularly.

Franks Automotive, Prescott, Arizona

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair – Prescott Az

Is your air conditioning or heating system not working properly? We can test all systems to diagnose what is wrong and consult with you on the best and most cost efficient way to repair these systems and get you on your way.

Diagnostic/check Engine Light (CEL)

When your Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light comes on it could be a number of different things. Sometimes the vehicle runs rough or sometimes you may not feel any kind of performance issue at all. Our certified technicians use state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose the situation properly and make the repair in a timely manner. Frank’s Automotive has the equipment to diagnose foreign, domestic and diesel vehicles.